Home-Selling Checklist: Top Things to Do Before Selling Your House in Maryland or in Virginia.

In our opinion, holding properties for long term is one of the top ways to build wealth. However, if positioned properly selling a property can bring in a large influx of capital. Some people may need to sell fast due to several reasons such venturing into larger deals, moving out of town, going through a divorce, dealing with a passing of a loved one, an inheritance, downsizing, bad tenants…. The list can go on and on.

Are you contemplating on selling your house? Then it’s time to get prepared for some work! If you want top dollar for your property is not as simple as putting a “For Sale” sign on your front lawn & putting some random photos online that you took with your phone. If someone is not familiar with selling a property fast this can be a major challenge for them. There are a lot of things to consider when selling your house & below I will share some top tips for selling your house fast compared to other properties in your local market.

Before you attempt to sell your property on the market please read & implement this checklists. Some of these items are simple & free but others may require some cash & sweat equity. Things on this list get overlooked all the time. If you do these things people will fall in love with your property & they will make offers! However, if you don’t want to deal with any of these items then please fill out the contact form and we will contact you to buy your house fast!

FIND AN AGENT OR DECIDE TO SELL YOUR PROPERTY YOURSELF — You may think you will save money by selling the property yourself, you may but is the headache worth the few extra bucks? You can take pictures and list the property on several websites yourself. However, you have to manage the showings, negotiations & all the aspects of selling. If you are not prepared it can be a very time consuming job.

MAKE SURE YOUR HOUSE IS ALWAYS CLEAN — If you are still living in the property it’s important to clean the house out of all the extra stuff & making sure the rooms are clear of clutter. You also want to make sure that everything is organized. Make sure you get a deep clean done, sweep, mop the floors, clean the windows, clean the trim, clean the bathrooms & kitchens. If the property is vacant you want to keep checking on the property every few days. When people view the property the floors & bathrooms tend to get dirty so you will have to maintain them.

CLEAN YOUR CARPET — You can rent a steam machine or pay a company to come in and steam clean your carpet. You would be surprised on how much better your room looks with a clean floor.

REPLACE YOUR LIGHTBULBS — Lighting makes a huge difference! Changing your soft white bulbs to daylight bulbs will make the rooms look bigger, more modern & gives the room an energetic feel to it. 

POWERWASH YOUR HOUSE AND DRIVEWAY — A power washer can be a great tool to have. You can either buy one for under $300 or rent one from your local hardware store from anywhere between 35-100$ per day. The average time to power wash your property can take 1-2 hours but can make your property look nice, clean and welcoming. You can also hire someone to power-wash your house for anywhere from $250+, this can save you time and you can appreciate the before and after results.

ADDING MULCH, PLANTS, DOING A TRIM & CUTTING YOUR GRASS — Maintaining the landscape can bring the outdoors back to life. You can add fresh mulch around the bushes and trees to make it feel more complete. Don’t forget to keep your grass cut! Having the grass long just makes the house look outdated and unkept. When potential buyers drive up to the property you need them to feel welcomed. A nice trim & grass cut does not cost much and can help the sale out tremendously. 

UPGRADE THE FRONT DOOR KNOB & PAINT THE DOOR — These small details can add some more wow factors to the property. You can have fun with the door color, maybe be bold and bright or just the traditional black color.  Just make sure it matches the outside of the property. Don’t forget the new door knob, new hardware is not expensive and can make the door feel more complete. Having a fresh door with a new door knob can give the buyers a good feeling coming into the house. 

Front door for sale

Alright, above were a few options that are require little to no money to give your property an edge. Take advantage of all the free suggestions. If you don’t have time to do the suggestions above or if you don’t want to deal with it please fill out the contact form for a fair cash offer.

Now, if you are located in a competitive market where there are a few properties for sale within few miles from your property you will want to add some WOW factors to your property. Below are some top suggestions we follow, implement and suggest to other home owners that wish to sell their property. 

CLEAR THE CLUTTER FROM THE COUNTER TOPS & SURROUNDING AREAS — Make sure you clear the counter-tops from all your personal things you have laying around. A clear space will allow a person to set the stage for their items, doing so will allow them to get wrapped into the property. Not to mention the clutter on the floors and hallways, you want to make sure you organize all these things that are in the way. Having things all over the place will make the people think more of the items on the floor rather then thinking of their future home. 


When buyers tour homes for sale, they’re taking a close look at the kitchens. The style, color and condition is critical.  An upgraded, attractive kitchen can give your home some wow factors.

SHOULD YOU REPLACE OR REFINISH CABINETS? In today’s market the style and color can effect the buyers decision. A kitchen remodel can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks. However, you may not need to renovate the entire kitchen you may be just able to replace the cabinet doors, its hardware and repaint the cabinets. This will save you a lot of money and time. A refinished kitchen can make a huge difference and can give you that slight edge from the competition. 

GRANITE/QUARTZ — This is another great addition to the kitchen and can bring your cabinets back to life. You can get a slab of granite or quartz from as low as $30 a sq ft installed. No matter the price range of the property, granite can add a lot of value to the property

BACK SPLASH — If your kitchen doesn’t have back splash, this is another great factor that can make a huge difference! The pricing can range from $7-15 a sq ft and its quick & easy to install. 

Appliances at a minimum make sure the you do a deep clean of the appliances or you can buy a bundle package. The pricing for all kitchen appliances can be as low as $2,500 but this is a small cost that can bring the kitchen together.


GIVING YOUR BATHROOM AN UPGRADE — Your bathrooms can also be deal maker if completed properly. When buyers tour homes for sale they take a close look at the bathrooms. The style, space, color and condition of the property.  An upgraded attractive bathroom can add your home some extra wow factors. If your bathroom size is on the smaller side then you have to have to be very creative with the design to maximize the space. 

If you are not planning on renovating the entire bathroom we recommend at minimum replacing the toilets and the vanity tops. These additions can make a big difference to the presentation to the house. The toilet and installation can cost anywhere from $200-300 the vanity cabinet and top is another addition we recommend. You can go to your local Home depot or lowes for these parts and they are not as hard as you would imagine replacing. 

Old bathroom remodel
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When doing these renovations/updates make sure you are looking at the trends of whats currently selling on the market. You are renovating/fixing for a broad # of buyers. You need to make sure you renovating based on statistics and not personal feelings. Again if you are not interested, not willing or unable to do these updates please contact us asap. We can offer several solutions for you.

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