Selling with a realtor or using Wethehomebuyers

Thinking about selling your home with a realtor? Here are some things to consider:

A Realtors Sales Price on your house for sale — You want to get a few proposals from different agents related to the expected selling price and expected days on market (DOMS). If an agent comes in higher relative to the other agents then there may be some disconnect with how the agent is doing their comparative analysis. The agents should provide detail on how they came up with their pricing. The analysis should compare similar property styles with similar square footage. You should also keep in mind the DOMs (Days on Market) for the properties they are showing. Some properties fly off the shelves while others sit for months.

Share your expectation with the selling agent — Taking time to discuss shared expectation at the beginning of the relationship is a good way to make sure everyone is the on the same page. Knowing how much time they will allocate to your sale, their sales commission and how engaged they are with the property will help with you decision to use them or not.

Is The Realtor a Full Time Agent? —
you want to make sure you are using an agent that is actively following the market. If you are selling your property you want to make sure you agent is available to show your property to buyers. Full time realtors are also well networked and may already have buyers lined up for a property in your neighborhood.

Selling your house “For sale by owner” —-Selling your property yourself may save you money but can cost you your time. Regardless if you want to do it yourself to save money or to keep more control of the process you need to take & manage this decision professionally.

Get your property appraised — in today’s market pricing your property properly is imperative with the sales process. If you price your property to high the house will sit on the market & if you price it to low then it will get bid up and then level out at the market level. Getting an appraisal on the property will help you price the property accordingly & will help during negotiations. The appraisal is done by a licensed professional. They review the location of the property, square footage, # of bathrooms, and #of bedrooms, the renovations that have been done and provide an evaluation on the overall condition of the property. Once the analysis is done they provide a value of the property based on the details and the market.

Market your property — With technology, it’s not difficult to list your property online. You can use craigslist, the Facebook Marketplace, Facebook real-estate groups, you can also list on larger sites like Zillow, truillia or other FSBO sites. Make sure you know the details of the property before listing. Last thing you want to do is post it online with misinformation. This can hurt you during the close process.

Scheduling Appointments — with technology it is not difficult to schedule and manage your house appointments. In the past homeowners & realtors scheduled appointments using texts & phone calls, now you can use an application called the “showingtime app.” All a buyers agents have to do is go on the app and schedule a time to view the property. You can approve and change times that are available. It’s as simple as clicking a few buttons.

Wethehomebuyers does all the leg work so you don’t have to deal with process of selling you property. We make the process as seamless so all you have to do is sign some papers and receive a check.

Wethehomebuyers will provide several solutions so the transaction can fit your needs. We can offer a full cash offer, a financing offer, we can cover your mortgage or we can even cover the remodel of the home & get paid when the house sells!